The Playbook [Self-Released 2005]
I Spy [Self-Released 2006]
Crisco Disco [Banging Groove Records 2008]
Keep Dancin' EP [Deeplife Records 2008]
Play II Win/Discotheque [Content 2009]
Baby/There Was Disco [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2009]
The Play Off (Round One) [Nocturnal Recordings 2010]
The Play Off (Round Two) [Nocturnal Recordings 2010]
Mars (Single Release) [Bid Muzik 2010]
1200m Relay (Full-Length LP) [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Work It EP [Oryx Music 2011]
Another Night [Bid Muzik 2011]
Collapse Your Dancefloor EP [Visiomind Records 2012]
Work It EP Remixed [Oryx Music 2012]
Best Of Me (Single) [The Seed Recordings 2012]
Weight Loss Workout LP [Visiomind Records 2012]
X's And O's EP [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2012]
The Streak EP [Craniality Sounds 2013]
No Rest For The Wicked [Baked Music 2013]
Soul Selling[Baked Music 2013]


AD Cruze - House Musik (Everybody's Talkin' Bout) (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2009]
Anything But Monday - Buckwild (Coach Roebuck's Barnyard Mix) [Universal Music 2009]
The L.I.M. Project Presents Smiles Everyone! - Welcome To Fantasy Island (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2009]
Sean Biddle - Lonely (Coach Roebuck Mix) [Biz Musik 2010]
Takeshi - Chicago Wind (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Banging Broove Records 2010]
Soul Collectness - Amor (Coach Roebuck's Xhibition Mix) [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2011]
Mezmer - Somethings Never Change (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Sean Biddle - I'll Do Everything (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Ayron Michael - Move (Coach Roebuck's Late-Night Filtered rmx) [Capella Music Group 2011]
Jay-Z & Kayne West - Otis (Coach Roebuck's Bootleg Dub) [Unreleased/Bootleg 2011]
Arial Lavi - Escape (Coach Roebuck Crazy Cut) [Unreleased 2011]
Arial Lavi - Crazy (Coach Roebuck Crazy Cut) [Unreleased 2011]
B Jinx - They've Got To Have It (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Round House Recordings 2011
Sean Biddle - I Always Needed You (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Alpha Human - Discotizer (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Visiomind Records 2012]
Alex Ryan And Blysh - Roll Wit It (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Tasty Recordings 2012]
DJ Lutique - Love Train (Coach Roebuck Vocal Mix) [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2012]
B Jinx - Raw Magic (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Visiomind Records 2012]
Disco Ball'z - Everybody (Coach Roebuck rmx) [Craniality Sounds 2013]
Mr. Bristow Ft La Veda - Everywhere I Go It's A Disco (Coach Roebuck Mix)[Detox Recordings 2013]


Disco Killers Volume 1 [Frech 2010]
Disko Macht Frei [Frech 2010]
Biz Muzik Winter Music Sampler [Biz Muzik 2010]
Cosmic Disco - A New Generation [Frech 2011]
Disco Killers Volume 1 [Frech 2011]
Disco Killers Volume 2 [Frech 2011]
Disko Macht Frei [Frech 2011]
DVR WMC 2011 DJ Sampler [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2011]
Ghetto Style Beatz (Filtered Filth 4 Funked Up DJs) [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Nocturnal Summer Heat 2011 [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Music For The Night Breed Volume 2 [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Music For The Night Breed Volume 3 [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
WMC Miami Blasters [Nocturnal Recordings 2011]
Disco Bullets 9 [Oryx Music 2012]
DVR WMC 2012 DJ Sampler [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2012]
Love In The Disco [Frech 2012]
Tracky Tech Bastards [Frech 2012]
GrooveTraxx Sampler 002 [GrooveTraxx (17:44) 2012]
Nocturnal Summer Heat 2012 [Nocturnal Recordings 2012]
AD Cruze - Rotations [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2012]
Disco House Essentials Volume 1 [Visiomind Records 2012]
Disco House Essentials Volume 2 [Visiomind Records 2012]
DVR WMC 2012 DJ Sampler [Digital Vinyl Recordings 2013]
Best of House Music Bits Vol 7 [Oryx Bits 2013]